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Wrinkle Relaxer Overview

Wrinkle relaxers, such as BOTOX, Dysport and Xeomin, have transformed the facial rejuvenation market for those seeking wrinkle treatment without undergoing surgery. These products (known as neurotoxins) decrease the visual appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in areas on the face that show expression, such as the forehead and around the eyes. Dr. Daniel Beck is proud to offer BOTOX, Dysport and Xeomin to Dallas patients seeking a nonsurgical wrinkle treatment. Once injected, this medication causes the underlying muscles to relax, which creates a smooth appearance on the surface. While each brand essentially does the same thing and produced a similar result, they work differently for different people. During the consultation, each product can be discussed so that the right one is chosen to meet your aesthetic goal.

What They Treat

Wrinkle relaxers are most effective in the treatment of facial fine lines and wrinkles, brow furrows, crow’s feet, frown and laugh lines and skin conditions that cause excessive sweating. The results can last for several months as the paralysis of the muscles are only temporary and subsides over time.

Product Facts


  • FDA approved in 2002
  • Medication: Onobotulinum toxin A
  • Expected results: On average, within 5-7 days


  • FDA approved in 2009
  • Medication: Abobotulinum toxin A
  • Expected results: Results with this relaxer usually show the soonest, within 2-3 days


  • FDA approved in 2010
  • Medication: Incobotulinum toxin A
  • Expected results: On average, within 7-10 days

Administering Wrinkle Relaxers

It is important that any wrinkle relaxer product be administered by a skilled and trained practitioner. The product must be carefully managed so that the result is subtle and natural. Once the injection sites have been thoroughly cleansed, the product is injected into the skin via a fine needle. The injection sites are marked beforehand for precision, as errors may result to the toxin spreading to areas out of the target area. The dose and number of injections are dependent on the wrinkle condition and the size of the area being treated.

What To Expect with Wrinkle Relaxer

A wrinkle relaxer injection takes place in-office and does not cause any major discomfort. A numbing cream is usually placed on the skin ahead of time to help with the sting the needle may cause. After treatment, mild redness and swelling may be present around the injection sites. This normally subsides after a few hours. Some patients may bruise after this treatment. There are medications that can be taken a few days ahead of treatment (such as Arnica) to help control bruising. Overall, the treatment requires no downtime and the patient can resume a normal routine the same day. Each product reacts a bit different. For example, BOTOX takes about a full week for the results to become completely noticeable, whereas with Dysport, results are evident in just 2-3 days.

Wrinkle Relaxer Expected Cost

It’s common for some patients to have a single syringe during a treatment session, whereas other patients may need 2-3 syringes. The prices per brand may slightly vary. Schedule an appointment for a customized consultation with Dr. Beck to determine the cost of your procedure.

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Wrinkle Relaxer FAQs

Which Relaxer is the Best?

BOTOX is the most popular brand. But this doesn’t mean that it is superior for all patients and all conditions. Some specific conditions (e.g. crow’s feet) may react better to certain brands (Dysport). The medications can slightly vary for each patient. The doctor will be able to recommend a brand that will be more effective per a case-by-case basis. It is common to combine products during a single treatment session.

How Safe?

It is important to find a reputable doctor or clinician who has experience in handling injections of wrinkle relaxers. Injections that are too aggressive could result in a temporary negative side effect where unintended muscles are frozen. As for the safety and efficacy of these products, and the use of Botulinum toxin, the FDA has approved it for both medical and cosmetic purposes.

Are Fillers Better?

Derma fillers are widely available as a quick and safe treatment for wrinkles. While the result between a filler and a muscle relaxer may appear similar, they function differently. Fillers are effective in filling in facial depressions and adding volume where it has been lost due to aging. Wrinkle relaxers, such as BOTOX, smoothen out facial lines by paralyzing the underlying muscles responsible for wrinkle contraction. It is common to combine both fillers and relaxers in a single treatment to result in a liquid facelift, which is currently the trend for those looking for a “lifted”, smooth appearance, yet wish to avoid surgery.

Ideal Candidates?

This procedure is best for those who have facial conditions that show signs of aging, often between the ages of 30 to 55. There are cases of younger individuals who seek treatment as a preventative measure to attack the visible signs of aging before they occur. While older individuals may still benefit from a muscle relaxer, those with severe skin sagging may be better candidates for a surgical lift.

Long Term?

The muscle relaxers that are on the market today are effective for up to about 3-4 months. The procedure is safe to be repeated for those who wish to maintain their beautiful looks.

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