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Latisse Dallas, TX – Eyelash Growth

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Latisse Overview

Dallas cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Daniel Beck assists patients in attaining beautiful, longer eyelashes with the prescription medication, Latisse. This is a topical drug that promotes eyelash growth. Most patients who use Latisse are tired of relying on mascaras, falsies or extensions, which can look fake when not applied correctly. With Latisse, the extension will be natural looking when the patient applies the solution regularly over a period of a few months. Its application is easy to use; patients simply apply Latisse on the upper eyelid in the evenings before bed. Although the effects are gradual, the enhancement is significantly noticeable.


Also known as bimatoprost, Latisse is derived from prostaglandin that helps with hair growth. When concentrated on the eyes, it promotes the eyelashes to be thicker and longer per strand. Additionally, the medication also helps in multiplying the number of hairs, making the eyelashes appear heavier, which some find appealing and sexy.

What To Expect with Latisse

Latisse is easy to use, and includes step-by-step instructions. With a clean face – no makeup or contact lenses – Latisse is applied with a single-use applicator on the upper eyelid. A clean applicator allows the eyelids to adequately absorb the medication. It is not necessary to treat the lower eyelid because blinking will cause the medication on the upper eyelid to spread, which ensures the results are even. Ideally, regular daily use up to 16 weeks will render optimal results.

Latisse Ideal Candidate

Latisse has been available since 2008 when the FDA approved that it is safe to use by most patients. Those who have skin or eye conditions, allergies and other problems related to eyes must not use Latisse. It is also not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers. Generally, Latisse complications are very rare. It is normal to get irritation, dryness or redness, but all of these side effects can be easily managed. Consult with a doctor to discuss Latisse in further detail to make sure it is the best option for the desire results.

Latisse Expected Cost

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Where to Purchase?

Latisse is not available in drugstores and can only be bought with a medical prescription. An evaluation is required before any doctor can prescribe the medication. A thorough exam for eye-related conditions will help evaluate if Latisse is safe to use for the patient’s circumstances.

Eyelid Stain?

It is common among patients that using Latisse can cause hyperpigmentation, which can make the eyes appear darker. It is a possible side effect but it is very rare. In the few instances that skin darkening has been reported, the condition reversed itself and the eyelids went back to their normal skin color when patients stopped using Latisse.

Iris Stain?

Another possible side effect may be brown pigmentation in the iris. This side effect is not limited to brown color and can vary patient to patient. Patients must understand this side effect before taking Latisse even though it has been minimally reported.

Little Amount of Eyelashes?

There is a medical condition called hypotridchosis when eye lashes are shorter than normal and look spare. Latisse is an ideal solution for this condition. Patients treated with Latisse report a boost in confidence with Latisse’s natural looking results.

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