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Bicep Augmentation Surgery – Bicep Implants – Dallas, TX

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Bicep Augmentation Overview

Dallas based plastic surgeon, Dr. Daniel Beck, offers men throughout the DFW area the opportunity to attain a more defined physique through implantation surgery. Bicep augmentation, or bicep implantation surgery, is a male fitness surgery that uses a solid silicone implant to increase the size and definition of the upper arm muscles. It is also used to correct muscle imbalances that result from physical or congenital defects or disproportionate bicep development. Advancements in implant technology allow for a natural outcome with this surgery. Once in place, the implant looks and feels like real muscle. During the initial consultation with Dr. Beck, the various shapes, sizes and implant options will be discussed so that the desired aesthetic outcome can be achieved.

Best Candidates for Bicep Augmentation

Individuals in relatively good physical condition, who wish to gain bulk and definition in the bicep region, are good candidates for a bicep augmentation procedure. Bicep implants address the following:

  • Thin or poorly defined bicep muscles.
  • A muscle imbalance in the arms.
  • Men or women who can’t achieve the upper arm toning they desire.

Surgical Technique

During bicep augmentation surgery, a pocket is created within the bicep muscle and the implant is inserted to reside firmly within this pocket. The incision is usually made in the underarm region or in the natural crease of the arm where the upper and lower arm meets. Both of these incision patterns easily hide any scarring that may exist after surgery. The results following this surgery are a more defined and shapelier bicep area.

During/After Surgery

After bicep augmentation surgery, men should not lift weights or workout with weights for an extended time period, or until the surgical site has properly healed. Most patients are given the green light to begin working out again around 4-6 weeks. Immediately after surgery, there will be some bruising and swelling. This will subside within the first couple of weeks and the results will be evident. Men are able to have gorgeous biceps that time spent in the gym simply cannot achieve.

Expected Cost

Schedule an appointment for a customized consultation with Dr. Beck to determine the cost of your procedure.

Other Options

Men who are interested in male fitness surgery are encouraged to schedule a consultation to discuss all of the alternatives. We offer calf augmentation surgery as well as abdominal etching to create outstanding results that mirror hours spent in the gym. Cosmetic surgery of this nature is designed to help men when diet and exercise alone cannot deliver the desired results. We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve the body of your dreams!

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