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Reviews for Dr. Beck Plastic Surgery

Dallas, TX cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Daniel Beck, strives to be the best plastic surgeon he can be for his patients. In addition to creating outstanding surgical results, Dr. Beck makes every effort to ensure his patients are 100% satisfied. He considers it a privilege to work with his patients and is happy to share these patient reviews and personal successes with you. As you search for the best plastic surgeon for your specific procedure, we hope you find this feedback helpful.

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Patient Story
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Review from ML  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Nov 12, 2014

Without reservation I will tell anyone considering any elective cosmetic procedure or surgery to schedule a consult with Dr. Beck! More

Patient Story
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Review from C.L.  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Nov 12, 2014

Dr. Beck thank you for giving me the body I've been dreaming of. You are a master of your Craft. More

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Patient Story
Review from C.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Sep 24, 2016

23 Years Old, Juvederm Ultra Plus - I could not have picked a better doctor for my Juvederm experience. When we spoke before he procedure, he took the time to go over what my desired looks were and to describe what would happen. He was very thoughtful and I felt like he truly listened to what I wanted, he also emphasized that we were both on the same page for wanting natural results, which i feel is incredibly important for a procedure on your face.When he began the procedure, I felt ok. I didn't feel him injecting, but I wound up feeling anxious, light headed and as if I was about to pass out. I told him about it, and then promptly did pass out for a few second. The way that he and his staff reacted after that, I couldn't be more grateful. He brought me water, ice packs, a fan, and offered me a snack to get me back on my feet. He was so calm and assuring that it wasn't a big deal, and told me to take my time so we could get started again when I was ready. I was embarrassed, but he handled it so well. Once we got ready to begin again, he kept me calm and assured me we could take as many breaks as I needed, and to let him know if I got uncomfortable. Luckily, I didn't pass out again and we were able to finish 10 minutes.After the procedure, I had a bit of swelling, but he did a wonderful job to not give me a single bruise. Also, a few days later, I noticed there was a small space that looked as if it was missing filler compared to the surrounding areas. I let him know and he was more than willing to let me come back in to have it touched up and let me leave with the results that I wanted.Dr. Beck is truly a wonderful doctor who will make sure you're 100% satisfied with the results you get. I'm so grateful for not only his fantastic results, but also the fact that you can tell that he really cares about his patients. - - I had thin lips prior to juvederm, and after I'm able to have natural looking, but better than the original lips. I was never really uncomfortable with them, but I felt they could use a bit of an enhancement. I was worried mostly about having the infamous "duck lips", but Dr. Beck agreed that we would aim for a natural result.I did have a bit of swelling that didn't fully go down until about two weeks, but I had no bruises.I love my results and will continue to get more as needed. More

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